2012年04月11日 (水)


今年のミラノサローネでVitra社から発表されるロナン&エルワン・ブルレックの新作「Corniche」と、Established & Sonsから発表される棚「Folio」の写真を掲載します。



© Studio Bouroullec

Corniches, VITRA
Corniches illustrate the idea of creating an impromptu storage area. The idea behind this design arose from the need for small storage spaces to spontaneously keep items. Corniches are individual protrusions in the environments that can be used and organized freely, to put items of daily use to keep them at one’s fingertips or to make a larger installation. These glossy pedestals made of ABS come in three sizes and a variety of colors that include white, black and red.
VITRA Salone del Mobile Hall 20 – Booth C05 / D04

Folio is a new typology of shelving furniture that provides the possibility to hide some or all of the objects just by moving a fabric adornment that runs delicately along a discreet aluminium track. The evolution of this shelving system represents a natural progression of it, by introducing a striking woven textile as the façade of this design. Our intention was to produce a jacquard tapestry textile based on original sketches that were scanned, enlarged and manipulated to create an intended irregularity, with unusual graphic and a sensual, textured fabric. Colored staining finishes the oak shelving whilst highlighting the natural grain of the material.

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